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+ 90mA, - 8mA

The EuroPi is a project aimed at making Eurorack more accessible and customisable by giving users complete control of the inner workings of a digital module.

Users can entirely reprogram the module simply by connecting it via USB to a computer, and then writing or editing the program in Python.

All of the information about this project can be found on the GitHub Repository.
This includes the build guide, bill of materials, license details, and firmware.

There is also a Subreddit if you'd like to share your builds, ask any questions, or just join the community!

• 6 CV Outputs (0-10V)
• 1 CV Input (0-10V)
• 1 Digital Input (Clock, Gate, Trigger)
• 2 Knobs (12 bit)
• 2 Push Buttons
• 128x32 OLED Display

Buy Panel + PCB

Full DIY Kit (Thonk, UK) Full DIY Kit (Exploding Shed, EU)